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Looking to leave a lasting impression that keeps your guests talking long after the event ends? The 360 Video Booth is the ultimate showstopper. With its slow-motion and boomerang features, your guests become the stars of their own live-action video clip, meticulously tailored for your event and ready in mere seconds. Standing atop an 80cm platform, guests are encircled by a rotating camera that captures every exciting moment.

Go beyond a simple video with the option to integrate music, professional lighting, and custom overlays. You set the stage, and they shine like rockstars! Our dedicated production team includes a shot director and a sharing director to ensure guests are guided through their platform experience seamlessly.

Once the camera completes its mesmerizing rotation, each video is expertly edited in under a minute. Guests can instantly download their masterpiece via Airdrop or QR code sharing, making it effortless to share their unforgettable moments on their favourite social media platforms. It’s the wow factor that ensures your event remains unforgettable!