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With a photo booth, events like school balls, graduations, fairs, and other gatherings can become even more memorable. Particularly in this day and age of social media, photo booths have emerged as the preferred form of entertainment. No matter your age, they are appropriate for you. Parents, teachers, and students may all socialise and have fun together. That makes the ideal mix!

Pebblr Booths are fantastic because you can entirely customise them to fit your preferences and theme. You might use the school colours and many decorations, such as flags, mascot costumes, sports gear, etc., for a graduation party. It’s a fantastic way to honour the school and represent it! You can choose the graduate’s high school or the university they will go as the theme for their high school graduation! In addition to the photo prints, you will also get access to the event’s digital photos.

We can also work with event organisers to set-up a fundraising station where guests can donate to any particular cause of their choosing.


Recommended packages : Basic, Silver, Gold or Glam Booth