build your photobooth quote today

We are really excited as our schedule for 2024 is already getting full!

This crazy wedding boom is driving us absolutely crazy! If you’re thinking about organising a wedding within the next two years, we strongly advise booking as soon as possible because vendors seem to be filling up at the drop of a hat.

For couples, finding wedding favours for guests is never easy! Are you willing to take a risk? It’s likely that you had never thought of photo booths as wedding favours. We understand. You might not have thought of it, but trust us—it exists! It is the most unique, thoughtful, and special gift to use as a wedding favour.

Nowadays, prints are almost unheard of because they are such a novelty item!

A beautiful keepsake for guests as well as a long-lasting memory, photo booth prints make an easy wedding favour to give your guests that is full of love, laughter, and fond memories! Prints from our booth are perfect for framing and home decoration because we use professional photography equipment.

Go one step further

To remember your special day, turn your prints into a Guest Book. The couple will enjoy looking over this lovely remembrance book as time goes on. Both you and they benefit from this!

Recommended packages – Wedding or Glam Booth                                        Enhancements – Sharing Station, Guest Book, Service, Premium Metallic Prints 
                                                   – Video Guest Book
                                                   – 360 Spin Video Booth