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For a variety of occasions and events, including different kinds of corporate gatherings, photo booths are fantastic ideas. Whether they are for your employees, clients, or customers, photo booths bring value to your corporate event and even the business itself. Some advantages of including photo booths at your upcoming business events are;

Brand activations throughout the event

Create a memorable first impression by setting up a photo booth that will attract guests and create the mood for your event. Customized photo booths, backdrops, and add-on features can be utilised to promote a new product launch, your company identity, or even the topic of an event.

For a comprehensive activation, employ branding throughout the event and keep it consistent with personalised backdrops, printed physical photos, and any special social sharing pages. Photo booths at corporate events increase brand recognition and let attendees interact with company branding.

Engagement with your attendees

Business gatherings like office parties are occasions to put aside daily work concerns and simply enjoy yourself with your co-workers. All employees have the chance to have fun, mingle with others, and even develop and solidify strong personal and professional bonds. Photo booths, both enjoyable and slightly funny ones, can serve as the basis for team building exercises and challenges. For instance, a marketing team can be asked to develop a strategy using the booth’s props.

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