1. Enclosed photobooth: This is a traditional photobooth with walls that surround the subjects. It provides privacy and creates a more intimate setting, allowing for more candid and relaxed photos.
  2. Open-air photobooth: This is a booth without walls or curtains, allowing more people to fit into the frame and providing a more interactive experience. Open-air photobooths often have customizable backdrops and can accommodate larger groups.
  3. Mirror photobooth: A mirror photobooth, also known as a magic mirror photobooth, uses a full-length mirror as the backdrop. It can take full-body photos and often includes interactive features like animations and games.
  4. GIF photobooth: A GIF photobooth captures a series of still photos in quick succession and then combines them into an animated GIF. Guests can share their GIFs on social media, providing a fun and shareable keepsake.
  5. Green screen photobooth: A green screen photobooth uses a green background, which can be replaced with a digital image or video in post-production. This allows for custom backdrops and can transport guests to different locations or settings.
  6. Slow-motion photobooth: A slow-motion photobooth captures video at a high frame rate, allowing for slow-motion playback. It’s a fun way to capture action shots, confetti tosses, and other playful moments.

Each type of photobooth offers a unique experience and can be customized to fit the theme or style of the event.


We offer an open-air booth allowing other guests to enjoy the interaction within the booth